The Talk Back Team for AAC

Introducing the Talk Back Team for AAC: The most extensive program designed to build and refine your skills, empowering you to confidently help kids TALK BACK with AAC.

 The Talk Back Team for AAC is a step-by-step program crafted to develop and hone your skills so that you can confidently guide AAC users, reinforce the team members critical for successful implementation of AAC, and know that you are making a positive impact on the lives of those who rely on AAC for communication.

Before I tell you more about the Talk Back Team for AAC, let's make sure it's the right fit for you.  You are the perfect fit for the Talk Back Team for AAC if you're eager to build your skills and refine your existing knowledge to become a true communication champion.  The Talk Back Team for AAC is the ideal choice for you if you're prepared to feel confident and empowered in supporting your AAC user and their team. If you're ready to engage, educate, and TALK BACK with your AAC user(s), this program is designed for you.

If you are:
An SLP who is passionate about communication and seeks to expand their skills to effectively put their passion into action, the Talk Back Team for AAC provides the necessary tools and guidance to enhance your expertise and support the communication journey of your AAC users.

A Special Education or General Education Teacher with a caseload of individuals who require enhanced communication skills to excel in both academics and real-world situations, the Talk Back Team for AAC equips you with the strategies and resources necessary to support your students' growth and success in all aspects of their lives.

A paraprofessional or support staff member driven by a passion for helping individuals but currently lacking the training and understanding required to effectively support AAC users, the Talk Back Team for AAC equips you with the knowledge and strategies necessary to make a meaningful impact on your AAC users' communication journey.

 A parent or caregiver eager to communicate effectively with your child or family member, fostering connection and shared experiences, the Talk Back Team for AAC provides you with the tools and techniques to bridge the communication gap and create an environment full of love, understanding, and lifelong memories.

You've come to the right place!

The Talk Back Team for AAC is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge, training, skills, and confidence necessary to effectively empower kids to talk back with AAC, enhancing their communication abilities and changing their lives for the better!

If you are like me, you might have thought one or even all of these things ...

  • I don’t know where to begin with AAC and I am supposed to be the expert in communication! 
  •  I am not a techie, so how am I supposed to help support AAC?  
  • How do I get staff to understand how important their role is for our AAC users?  
  • I have so many things to learn with limited time.  Where and how can I build my AAC skills?  
  • I am SO FRUSTRATED and OVERWHELMED.  I feel like I am FAILING my students, teammates, and families.

Now imagine how you will feel when you build your skills and confidence to teach and model AAC to your students, clients, fellow educators, and families!

  • Think about walking into a classroom and seeing your teachers and instructional assistants modeling and supporting AAC use in everyday activities.
  • Picture your FUNctional therapy sessions where you have a system and strategies to build language with AAC.
  • Envision the joy you will experience when your AAC user comments on a game they are playing with their peers.
  • Imagine feeling confident and empowered to support your AAC user and team.

With the Talk Back Team for AAC,
YOU will build your skills and confidence with AAC.

You will help kiddos TALK BACK no matter how they find their voice!

Why I created The Talk Back Team for AAC!

During my CF year I had multiple kiddos on my caseload that used AAC.  To say I had NO clue what I was doing would be an understatement.

I went to conventions, signed up for extra trainings, and took certificate courses.

I spent years and $$$$ money to gain the skills to support my kiddos and team.  

With the Talk Back Team for AAC you will build your skills and confidence right here on your computer.  

"I have been an SLP for over 25 years.  I have supported students that use AAC, but I wanted to learn some new strategies.  I feel like I have new activities and ways to help my students."


What will I learn with The Talk Back Team for AAC ?

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What's included with The Talk Back Team for AAC?

Video Training Modules:  5 Hours of Video Training  to watch at your own pace. 

Group Coaching Calls: 4 Live Group Q/A Sessions  that will be recorded if you can't attend.  

Printable Core Vocabulary:  Single Page Core Board and A Multiple Page AAC Flip Book 

Data & Support Pages:  AAC Roles Chart, Core Vocabulary Builder, Implementation Chart and more. 

Exclusive Facebook Group:  Connect and grow with other SLPs 

"I have taken her ideas and techniques for creating and expanding boards back to my clinic and set up more functional boards for training before the evaluations... We changed our use of "I want" to more functional verbs phrases which has benefitted our clients in their functional communication.

- Launa

Take a look at The Talk Back Team Course Curriculum

"I just changed from elementary to high school and I have multiple students with AAC.  I just finished my CF year and haven't worked with AAC.  This course is just what I need to get ready for the new year!"

-Diane M.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This course was developed for SLPs, SLPAs, OTs, and Educators in Special Education who want to improve their skills to support their team with AAC.  Parents and family members, we have a course for you coming out soon!

We will have 4 LIVE Coaching and Q/A sessions. If you can not attend these zoom sessions, send your questions, and your questions will be answered during the connection hours. The recordings will be added to the course.  You will also be able to ask questions in the Talk Back Team Community or ask us personally.  

While we do not report ASHA CEUs, you will receive 9 PDHs professional development hours, equating to .9 CUEs (5 hours of pre-recorded video and 4 hours of live Coaching and Q/A.  You will receive a certificate of completion.  This certificate can be put towards your ASHA PDHs (previously called Clinical Maintenance Hours).  For more information follow this link. 

YES!  We have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you decide that The Talk Back Team for AAC is not for you, Please contact us for a full refund.  

I understand, I have been there!  As a single parent of 2 kids (they are partially leaving the nest now), I know what it means to be busy and juggle so many things.  I created this as a self paced course.  You can listen while doing the dishes, going for a walk, or sitting on your cozy couch.  You will have access to this course as long as the platform exists.  Take the time you need!

You do NOT have to be a techie to support your AAC user.  While AAC can include technology, supporting AAC is more about building language and communication.  You don't have to love technology or be techie to effectively support your AAC user effectively!  This course will equip you with the skills and resources to work with some major AAC Applications.  

Whether you are working with an AAC user now or in the future, these skills will make significantly affect an individual's ability to communicate.   Growing and learning will improve your marketability and could also increase your salary.  Also, I have done the groundwork.  I have researched, practiced, and brought together the tools you need.  

YES!  We are happy to work with your district or clinic for funding.  Please send an email so we can set this up.  

YES!  Please contact us regarding discounts for groups and working with your district or clinic.  

Did someone say BONUSES? ****ADD VISUALS

Small Group Coaching: Participate in a small group (less than 5 people) planning session.  This is limited to the first 20 team members. 

AAC Vocabulary Files ready to go for Proloquo2Go, TD Snap, and CoughDrop.  
Vocabulary files that have been created and are ready to personalize  for your students/clients.   These can be added to a licensed program.  

2 Digital Activities for FUNctional therapy. 

Stop stressing about supporting AAC.  Your journey to build your skills and confidence starts with The Talk Back Team for AAC.    Now is the perfect time to multiply your abilities and help kids TALK BACK with AAC.  

The Talk Back Team for AAC Includes

5+ Hours of Video Training  (Value $549)

4 Live Group Coaching and Q/A Sessions (Value $429)

Printable Core Vocabulary and Flip Book (Value $37)

AAC Team Support Pages, Data Collection, Classroom Posters (Value $47)

AAC Support Community (Priceless)

Bonuses: FUNctional Digital Activities and Vocabulary Files (Value $127)

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Yes, I want to join The Talk Back Team for AAC!